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Feminism – Gender Relations

Yesterday’s posting was a bit long, so I’ll make it shorter this time. If I would try to bring my concerns about the current version of feminism (entitlement/rights without responsibilities/accountability/fairness) to the point, it’s not the sense of entitlement and righteousness, or the inherent injustice in rights without responsibilities, or the arrogant sense of superiority (“You don’t know what you feel/do, only I do”) in it that bothers me most. It’s this here:

Comic from xkcd.com (http://xkcd.com/642/).

The view that men are evil/potential rapists/abusers and the view that women are victims and cannot take responsibility for themselves makes the relationship between men and women unnecessary complicated. And it is already complicated enough.

That might not be a problem if you hate men, or women, or people in general. Or if you are unhappy and want everyone else be unhappy too. Or if you look for political power and use a ‘divide and conquer’ mentality.

But some of us want to live an interesting, stimulating, and happy life — in an heterosexual relationship with a competent partner/companion.

So, feminism, please, religion was bad enough, don’t make it worse. Stay the hell out of our relationships. Better yet, fuck off completely.


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